I made terrible food choices yesterday, my first mistake was buying a bag of salt and pepper potato chips.  It was a medium size bag and as soon as I opened it I knew I was going to finish it.  I tried to close the bag, move the bag, but nothing was going to stop me from finishing it.  You would have thought that would have been enough, but no I also had to finish a small bag of cheese crackers I picked up while standing in line at Walgreens. I also opened a bag of Taki after that, although I didn’t finish them.  Mostly because they really spicy (but really good) not because I all of a sudden developed some sort of will power.  No yesterday my will power was no where to be found

Up next I was watching an exercise video yesterday, where the person goes from lying on the floor to a V shape in one move and then back down again. I said Healthy Habits Drinking water and keeping track of it listing the food I have eaten Stop eating after 7:30 PM Not buying snacks eating
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