Fellow Traveler

One of my favorite YouTubers is Sandy at Let’s Get Fit, I feel we are a kindred spirit. Since we both struggle on the weekend. I think we are both trying to figure out why. I used to blame it on the fact that I was home on the weekend. But I haven’t worked outside the house in over five years, so I can’t use that as an excuse any more. In reality the only difference between the weekend and weekdays is the fact that my husband is home on the weekend. He doesn’t bring home the chips or snacks, so I can hardly blame him. Although he does cook dinner on the weekend and because the kitchen is small I don’t like being in it when he is working. He is a very detail cook and enjoys it so he can be in the kitchen for hours. So I tend to grab whatever is convenient and quick like yogurt or a bowl of cereal. These both can be healthy but not very filling, which leads me to want a bag of chips later in the afternoon. Even as I am eating them I know I should not be, yet I don’t stop. Most of the time I am eating them without thought. What is the scientific reason behind this. Why is the weekend different than the week days? Maybe it is just custom, the idea that when you sit down to watch sports you have to have a bowl of chips next to you is just ingrained in my head. I don’t know the answer , but I am working on the answer.

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