##Is It All in My Head I noticed something this weekend, especially on Sunday. What I noticed was that when when I ate food which is high in carbs and sugar, I crave more things with carbs and sugars. For example on Sunday I had two donuts for breakfast and for the rest of the day all I wanted was bread, cookies, muffins and other starchy stuff. I am wondering are these cravings in my head or is there something more. I am currently reading Genius Food by Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal M.D and based on it and other books I have read about nutrition tell me there is more. I am just not sure what that more is. Is the craving coming from some of my gut bacteria, or is it at the molecular level, or is it just in my head.

The fact is does it really matter what causes the craving, what is important is now I am aware of it and I can do something about it. The main thing I can do is probably not to have donuts for breakfast, but the truth is there are going to be some Sunday’s when I will have donuts for breakfast so I need a plan B for those days. I think my plan B is to first to have some protein along with the donut. Second to have a healthy lunch and snack already set up for that day. Finally to drink plenty of water. I don’t know if this plan will work, but clearly based on my Sunday food diary what I am doing currently is not working.

Up next ##Sick Days I have been sick this week. My nose has been stuffed up, which makes breathing hard. I have concluded I would make a terrible long term What do you do when you realize that your favorite food or snack is messing with your stomach. I really like popcorn. However, if I eat popcorn
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