What do you do when you realize that your favorite food or snack is messing with your stomach. I really like popcorn. However, if I eat popcorn cooked with oil I end up with indigestion. The worse part is the indigestion usually hits in the middle of the night, which means it is affecting my sleep. I then wake up tired and when I am tired intend to eat as if that compensates for the lack of sleep. I thought of doing air pop popcorn, but I have tried that before and I don’t like it. Plus, I would need to buy a new air popper and I really don’t need another gadget. So I am trying to find a healthy snack to replace popcorn. I have several criteria’s, the first it needs to be healthy and the second it can’t be too expensive and third it needs to be salty. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


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