I saw the ten albums in ten day challenge and decided to tinker with it slightly. I am doing ten albums that have been important throughout my life. I just started my sixth decade at the end of May, so the first albums I can remember are from the 1960’s and were originally my mother’s. I got it down to two albums the first was a Peter Paul and Mary’s first album and the second was an album by a group called The Women Folk. I chose The Womenfolk album because although I loved Peter Paul and Mary, the Womenfolk songs still pop up in my head even today six decades later.

Up next Breakfast for July 25 Today for breakfast I had cauliflower rice mixed with a little jasmine rice with two eggs mixed in and four pieces of bacon. I really like the post by Chad Moore, aka @cm on micro. blog about installing Webmention on Blot.im. It is something that I have thought about doing
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