I have been rethinking how i get my information. This is a something I am constantly changing, because to be honest i have not found a method I am completely happy with. I have tried getting my information thru newsletters and rss readers and neither have been completely fulfilling. Newsletters have the problem of being  in my inbox, which means I tend to send them to Good Noted and then I forget about them. The problem I have with rss readers is that I tend to see the same information over and over again. I think part of the problem is that I have been following full site rss feeds, which means a lot information is thrown at me that I have no interest in. There maybe rules or filters that would help with this issue, but I have not figured them out at this point.

My current solution is to create multiple twitter lists with people who write about information I am interested in, and then use Granary to create rss feeds from these list. I use Aperature as my server and Monocle as my reader. My thought is that if something important comes up one of them will write about it. 

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