Remembering Apollo 11

Fifty years ago this evening like millions of families around the world, my family was about to gather around the TV to watch an event that had been the dream of mankind since there was mankind to watch someone step on the moon for the first time. My brother Eric, was the youngest at six years old to watch it. I think he was probably as excited about being to stay up late, as the actual moon. On the other hand, there was my maternal grandmother, Mary Lydia Burns Henderson, who was born in 1904 a year after the Wright Brothers first flight. I cannot imagine what was going through her mind watching the landing. In between there were my mother and father, two sisters and myself. The TV we gathered around was a color 32 inch CRT TV. Our first color TV, which was about a year old by that time. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure we were watching the events unfold with Walter Cronkite on CBS.

I remember watching it, but I don’t remember how I felt exactly, except for maybe small and in awe of what was happening. I have a memory of going out that night and looking at the moon in a whole new way.

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