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Finished reading: Legends&Lattes by Travis Baldree πŸ“š

I love my Uni-ball Signo but I keep forgetting to put the cap on and they dry out. πŸ™

this is a test

As a big fan of Wallace and Gromit, this was good news Clay Shortage. Although I am still worried about the future, hopefully a solution will be found.

Currently reading: Legends and Latte by Travis Baldree πŸ“š

I entered a different door to my apartment building than usual and was completely confused. I felt like I was in the wrong building.

I love the sunlight on autumn trees

Had an excellent old fashion diner breakfast yesterday with a nice cup of coffee at Chet’s diner.

This passage from Orphan Train hit me hard this morning

Leaning Something New

Learning a new keyboard.

Last week, I purchased a kinesis freestyle pro it is a split-style keyboard that is also programable. I am now using it to learn the Colemak keyboard layout. I don’t have a reason for doing this, other than I like to try new things. Have you tried to learn anything new lately, for no other reason than you wanted to try something new?

Most Decongestants Don't Work

  • Over the Counter Decongestants don't work
    • According to the FDA, over-the-counter Decongestants, like Sudafed PE and Vicks NyQuil containing phenylephrine, aren't any more effective than wishing a person feels better. I find that a bowl of hot and spicy ramen does a great job of clearing nasal congestion.

I agree 100% with @manton the grid of photo challenge pictures are wonderful

Just finished switching my fountain pens πŸ–‹οΈ to autumn colors. Does anyone else do that?

My grand niece had her first day at kindergarten today. Yes I am feeling old.

Death Among Life

Dead tree in the middle of live trees


I believe that people today feel more lonely than they ever have before. Loneliness is about feeling disconnected from the world and people around you. Social Media, especially influencers, can drive this feeling by making you feel different from those around you. According to an ars Technica article which was originally published in Psychological Science, every lonely person see the world in a unique way even from each other, while non-lonely people tend to see the world similar to each other. Finally, loneliness and being alone differ; loneliness is about feeling disconnected.

Finished reading: Good Omen by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett πŸ“š

Currently reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear πŸ“š

I just finished pitting 4 plus cups of cherries, and now my hands look like I went on a murder spree.

I watched the Spanish thriller God’s Crooked Lines yesterday afternoon. It kept me interested from beginning to end. This movie’s critical scene is the letter reading in the beginning. Throughout this movie, you are trying to determine when the main character is telling the truth and lying. Even in the end, the answer is not clear. IMG 3427 πŸŽ₯

Another Case of Chutzpah

I saw this article in ars technica. About a surgeon who had been posting operations live on TikTok and, due to multiple complaints, has had her license suspended in Ohio. As I read the article, I wondered why any intelligent person would think this was a good idea. Then I thought of the word Chutzpah. Like many people today, she didn’t think that rules applied to her, that she was above them and unique.

Mushrooms of the Morning

A Group of light brown mushrooms

I received some happy mail today. Thanks @jean, @manton and all who produced videos for the 2023 camp

Well I am pouring my second cup of cold brew because I spilled the first one all over my desk. The good news is my keyboard wasn’t on it. οΏΌThe bad news is my desk pad is now a slightly coffee color.

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