I think they remaking the apartment upstairs. Seriously they’ve been at it all morning and it is not helping my low-grade headache.

Spent the morning wandering around the Northborough, Ma Apple Festival

As an American I am having trouble making sense of my feeling’s with the death of Queen Elizabeth. Of course I am sad for her nation, but it is more than that I feel sad on a personal level it that I can’t quite explain.

Ok according to my iPhone it should be updated to iOS 16 by tomorrow πŸ€”

Finished reading: Blood and Treasure by Bob Drury πŸ“š

Daniel Boone was a man of his time , with a need to explore, hunt and go over the next hill. Men like him and the women who went with them pushed the United States westward which meant terrible consequences for the native people already there.

Trying to use dictation. Obviously, there are issues. See my last post.

Finished reading: A Quiet Life in the Country by T. E. Kinsey πŸ“š I saw this book on Epilogue discovery page and I’m so glad I chose to read it. It was the perfect book for the summer. οΏΌ I wish I knew who added it because I would οΏΌ I wish I knew who add it because I would have thanked them

Trying to remember to drink more water today, I have been derelict lately.

While setting up my new MacBook Air with a new monitor I discovered Friendly Streaming last week and I love it for watching streaming videos. It has multiple streaming channels already loaded and you can add more.

The good news is that my MacBook Air arrived a week early. Currently waiting on migration from an old Mac mini to complete

I was organizing my media and I found a copy of an episode of The Screen Savers from 1999. Does anyone else remember that show?

That moment when you think you have 10 minutes left in your fast and you actually have 40 minutes 😳

It’s the slow season for sports in the U.S, which means I get to enjoy watching sports like Australian Football and Rugby

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