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The Perils of Streaks - MacSparky Whenever an app has a streak option available I either remove it or break it right away. Trying to keep a streak overtime will make me anxious

It is both interesting and scary to imagine what would have happened had Steve Jobs backed down to the RIAA demands to disable Audio Hijack Pro. I am not sure podcasts would be what they are today if he had.

As I stood on my balcony this morning I noticed a few buds appearing on one of the trees. There is no green as of yet, but still a sign of the coming spring.

I was listening to Waveform Episode 161 yesterday and they were talking about the ability of AI to fix photos. Maybe I am in the minority but I don’t always want my photos to be fix, sometimes the mistake is what makes the photo special. Also the ability to erase items and people easily gives a false representation of reality.

Woke up to the Sunrise

My sister C.R. Alvarez 4th book Stolen will be available on April 1 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and independent bookstores. It is a fast pace suspense thriller. As her sister I am really proud and excited for her

What Makes Some People Liberals and Others Conservatives

This was an interesting Scientific American article on why some people are conservatives and others are liberals based on how they see the world. There is a survey that will let you know where your primal world beliefs fall compared to the average.

This morning I found a fountain pen I had eye-dropped the hard way. So how’s your day going. 🖋️#fountainpen

Even if there were no trees it would be hard to see the horizon today. photo challenge

Being ill sucks, drinking a lot of hot drinks to make sore throat feel better. It’s helping

The Endurance shipwreck ended one of the most harrowing exploration stories ever told One of the greatest survivor stories in history finally has a closer

Drafting drawing done by my father in law by hand. photo challenge # engineering

My father in law worked as a draftsman long before computers were used. This is one of his drawings. ** photo challenge ** #engineering

My father in law worked as a draftsman. This is one of his drawings done by hand in 1956. photo challenge #engineering

Seriously haven’t we all had this conversation in our heads.

This weathered old duck was my best friend when I was very little and I still love him. March photo challenge weather

How to Grow a Conspiracy

Within a day of reading the 15 minutes Cities article about the latest conspiracy theory, that the government is trying to control our movements by preventing us from going more than 15 minutes away from home. I saw the following article City planners are questioning the point of parking garages and thought if someone believes in the first conspiracy I can see them saying, “See they are trying to take away where we can park our cars, next thing they will be taking away the cars themselves,” and so the conspiracy grows.

#conspiracy, #microblog

I binged watched the Murdoch murders on Netflix last night.  I didn’t know anything about the case so it was interesting to watch.

People Don’t Change

Today, people fear Twitter. In the 1850s, they feared telegrams

I love reading articles like this because they prove that people haven’t changed, despite what we tell ourselves.

Busy morning at local coffee shop

I appreciate that my apartment complex is very good at plowing the parking lot when it snows. However, I do question that appreciation at 3:00 in the morning.

Censoring Ronald Dahl Books to be Inclusive is Wrong

Several articles have come out in the last couple of days that Puffin the publisher of Ronald Dahl Books is “updating them to be more inclusive”. I think this is a bad idea. We shouldn’t try to whitewash the past by changing books to be more inclusive. Ronald Dahl used certain words for a reason, by changing those words you change the stories that are being told. All books are influenced by the time they are written and the author who writes them.

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