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If you like series about the search for justice, I recommend the Masterpiece series Mr Bates vs the Post Office. πŸ“Ί

Made some fresh horseradish this morning. I would not recommend standing over it and taking a deep breath. Don’t ask how I know this.

Those of you living in the eclipse zone with pets, did they act differently when it occurred? #eclipse

Shade and Discrimination

The summer heat is coming for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. When it arrives, most of us will be looking at least for some shade. According to this article Heat waves cause more illness and death in U.S. cities with fewer trees in Science News. For those who live in city neighborhoods where the majority of the population are people of color, finding that shade will be much more difficult than those living in more affluent neighborhoods. This isn’t just inconvenient it can be deadly. This is another thing to add to the discrimination pile, both intentional and unintentional, that plague cities.

After putting my first Ikea product together, I would suggest four things: read the directions, watch YouTube videos, use power tools, and, most importantly, listen to some good music.

I just managed to complete The NY Times Collection Puzzle two days in a row, so no matter what else happens today has been a good day

Sunday Sunrise

Brought this paint-by-number last week, and quickly realized that my pride level is intermediate, but my skill level is a beginner

All Hail the Pen and Pencil

If you want to remember something, write it down with a pen or pencil. By writing instead of typing, you will increase the number of connections in your brain. These connections occur in the parietal and central brain regions, which are crucial in learning new things and memory. It doesn’t matter what you write with; the physical act of writing is what is key. πŸ–ŠοΈ

Currently reading: Tracers in the Dark by Andy Greenberg πŸ“š

Finished reading: The Book of Collateral Damage by Sinan Antoon πŸ“š I finished the book. I didn’t hate the book but I didn’t enjoy it either. I found the main character boring. The best part of the book were the chapters about other characters.

Automatic Payment Issues

I have both my gas and electric bills set up on automatic payment. Most months, this works perfectly; however, they occasionally decide for no apparent reason to take the money up to three days before the bill’s due date. I imagine this can be a real problem for anyone living paycheck to paycheck.

Memories of Childhood

Peach Fuzz Is Pantone’s Color of the Year–And It’s Everywhere in Nature

Peach is this year’s color, according to Pantone. The color reminds me of an Easter dress I had when I was about six or seven. This was back in the 1960s, and my mother would sew all our clothes for me and my two older sisters. At Easter time, she would make us an Easter dress, all three from the same pattern but different colors: light green, light blue, and peach. I wore the peach dress, patten leather shoes, and an Easter bonnet. I really loved that dress. Now I am wondering, does anyone wear Easter bonnets anymore?

Pods Against a Blue Sky

My First Mac

My First Mac

The Fortieth Anniversary of Apple has been written and discussed exhaustively on tech podcasts and blogs. The one question that was asked on any Mac-centric podcast was, when did you get your first Mac?. This got me thinking about my history with the Mac. I got my first Mac around 2005 or 2006. It was a Mac Mini. Mac Mini March 2009.

I’m pretty sure it was the Intel version. I remember it came with a Tiger cd. I was coming from a beige Compaq PC running Windows XP. I remember it took a while for me to get used to the Mac way of doing things. Since then, I have only used a Windows machine at work.

My 2024 Reading Challenge

I currently use and love as my audiobook provider of choice. They posted a 2024 Listening Challenge at the beginning of January. I plan to do this challenge this year for two reasons: to keep myself out of a rut and to get me out of my comfort zone. Anyone else doing the challenge let me know #book #challenge

Finished reading: The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store by James McBride πŸ“š

The words convenient, safe, and secure in the first sentence of new developer article Distributing apps in the U.S. that provide an external purchase link are unnecessary, but so like Apple.

My sister’s new book No Trace is now on sale. It is a fast-paced thriller.

If the Cowboy-Packer was a Pee Wee Football game the mercy rule would haveve been used #NFL, #football, #wildcard

You can now follow me on Mastodon at instead of

10 Japanese Concepts For Self-Improvement and a Balanced Life. I would like to try to live by these concepts in 2024. I may fail, but they are good goals to aim for.

Visit from maintenance this morning due to water in the ceiling above the main bathroom. Now, they must rip out the ceiling to take care of it.

Learning to be Decisive

How to Be More Decisive is an interesting and helpful article on how to make decisions more confidently. If a decision involves only myself, I find it easy to make. It’s when they affect other people. That is when the trouble starts. My mind goes to worst-case scenario mode. What will they think? Will they get mad? Will they think I am crazy or stupid? I need to learn to be ok with those thoughts, accept them for what they are, and go forward anyway.

First snow of 2024

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