ok this is just a test sunshine lollipops Aug 1, 2019 I am switching form dropbox to . Jul 30, 2019 git and am still working on it 0CE5EB60-71FE-450B-9505-2E6A76FDAF28 (1) Jul 27, 2019 0ce5eb60-71fe-450b-9505-2e6a76fdaf28 (1) First try at #beyondburger Jul 21, 2019 first try at #beyondburger Remembering Apollo 11 Jul 20, 2019 Fifty years ago this evening like millions of families around the world, my family was about to gather around the TV to watch an event that had been #coldbrew #britishbreakfasttea and #journaling in #hobonichia6 Jul 17, 2019 Moon Landing Playlist Jul 16, 2019 Speech By John F Kennedy (“To The Moon”) 2001 a Space Odyssey The Jetsons Moon River Battlestar Galactica 2004 Moondance-Van Morrison Blue Moon of Shigs In Pit BBQ Jul 10, 2019 Checked in at Shigs In Pit BBQ. I had ribs, beans and jalepeno Mac n cheese tag: Checkin, restaurant Shigs in Pit Barbeque Jul 10, 2019 shigs in pit barbeque I Like Facetime with Guinea Pig Jul 10, 2019 like-of: Facetime with Guinea Pig is-social : yes like-of-title : Jean MacDonald tags : info Awe Inspiring Jul 9, 2019 _in-reply-to : I have minutes The fact that you are going to school and learning a new language is awe inspiring to me. is-social : Jul 6, 2019 info https://t.co/Tcm4cMZJrK” Jul 5, 2019 info Jul 3, 2019 info Checked in at Hainan House Read Collision of Empires Jul 3, 2019 info I finished listening to Collision of Empires: The War on the Eastern Front in 1914 by Prit Buttar, narrated by Roger Clark on Audible. Eli-li is Right About the Indieweb Jul 2, 2019 Great article I am nodding my head in agreement as I read Eli’s Article In order for the IndieWeb to grow there needs to be a bridge between the Jul 1, 2019 info When I saw this map I felt like I was looking a a game where you try help the person find his way out of a maze Jun 27, 2019 info Checked in at Mocha Lounge Jun 27, 2019 info Checked in at The Fresh Market Jun 27, 2019 info Checked in at Oley’s Pizza
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