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@Munish it's on our weekly watch list, an easy watch. Although my husband and I have a weekly question of which actor will leave the show this week?

@plumey I read this book two years ago and as someone who is interested in all U.S. History I found it interesting and a great read.

@KimberlyHirsh Wait until you reach the age when you go upstairs to get glasses, stare at the room for a minute, and then turn around and go back downstairs only to remember what you went upstairs for when you reach the bottom

@jacob It depends on my mood. Most of the time, if it is a long trip, I will have a personal playlist lined up to listen to. However, sometimes, when I want to discover new music, I will listen to NPR New Music Friday or the Pitchfork playlist.

@manton When I read the new Apple linking policy this morning it reminded me how heavy-handed Apple can be. Brent Simmon's article gave words to my thoughts.

@toddgrotenhuis Looks good. Have you tried it yet? What flavors does it have?

@bobwertz Hopefully they can get that fix quickly!

@Miraz yes several photos have been sent to the complex office. However there area around the complex is a conservation land so there is nothing they can do.

@maique beautiful pictures

@manton I saw your latest pictures, while going through my latest RSS feeds and I thought they were beautiful

@Sylvia thanks for the information, will have to put it on my to buy list!

@adders me pointing at you in awe

@jean yeah so much for my nap 🀬

@frankm Yeah, I feel the same way about the Red Sox, It's such a disappointing season.

@numericcitizen good luck πŸ€πŸ«°

@hollyhoneychurch beautiful picture

@aa excellent work

@aa It looks very classy. Did you design it yourself?

@restlesslens I did that on my first train ride. The walk of shame back was horrendous in my mind

@Annie love the photos, especially the tree covered with moss and mushrooms

@jean that bread looks delicious, wishing I could have some

@aa I hope your air conditioner gets fixed. But in the meantime that looks like a good way to relax

@pimoore I would have never guessed that. Great puzzle

@cliffordbeshers drop of water on an eggshell?

@manton Was it at least a good beer?

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