Thoughts in My Head

@mitch ‘Hey, I am usually there on Saturday morning haven’t tried their scones but now I will.

@petebrown when I saw the name of the movie all I could think of was the old nursery rhyme/kid song Skidamarink A Dink A Dink. Like you I will not be watching the movie

@jean it reminds me a bit of the Catholic practice of Memento Mori or Remember your Death and yes a frog instead of a skull was a much better idea for a branding

@hutaffe Well said

@johnbrayton walking in snow can be fun as long as you don’t hit any icy spots

@frankm yes I can, but I not sure I would if you didn't mention it

@gruber as a lifelong Giants fan I hope you are right-fingers crossed

@heyscottyj thanks for your great work on the podcast, you take care of yourself ok

@vincent love the app and the new update

@vanessa hauntingly beautiful

@Brad based on the day I heard you had, that is an excellent choice.

@toddgrotenhuis I realized after reading further in the article that it’s currently Europe, UK and Japan only so that leaves me out for now.

@ridwan same here but I do like supporting local bookstores. I have 60 days to decide whether the hassle is worth it

@onewildcrow I have just been looking at your blog and i liked it. So just keep writing about and posting about trivial and not so trivial things,because that’s what life is made of

@Miraz I’m lucky in this part of Massachusetts it’s windy and rainy but not too cold

@odd I wish it were true, but I was messing around with Teacup so unfortunatley it is not true. Although I do plan to have some tea this evening

@maique @maique it being Sunday morning, I forgot that in Europe tipping is not expected, which you’re right would make being asked to tip a little odd.

@klandwehr I am not sure which one I like better. The blue one has a more interesting outside but the inside of the cream one is gorgeous.

@crossingthethreshold I hope you feel better soon. Headaches are so annoying.

@joshuapsteele Congratulations she has a beautiful name hopefully it will go with a beautiful life.

@joshuapsteele I am on as @sleepybunny

@lukemperez Thanks it was a great time. Fortunately we all get along well

@otaviocc yeah audiobooks aren’t for a great for notetaking in my opinion. If I need to take notes, it has to be a regular book.

@joshuapsteele sounds like a plan, although you could do the fast song first to wake them up

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