Thoughts in My Head

@frankm Yeah, I feel the same way about the Red Sox, It's such a disappointing season.

@numericcitizen good luck πŸ€πŸ«°

@hollyhoneychurch beautiful picture

@aa excellent work

@aa It looks very classy. Did you design it yourself?

@restlesslens I did that on my first train ride. The walk of shame back was horrendous in my mind

@Annie love the photos, especially the tree covered with moss and mushrooms

@jean that bread looks delicious, wishing I could have some

@aa I hope your air conditioner gets fixed. But in the meantime that looks like a good way to relax

@pimoore I would have never guessed that. Great puzzle

@cliffordbeshers drop of water on an eggshell?

@manton Was it at least a good beer?

@Annie looks like an amazing and relaxing place to hike

@cdevroe Focus mode will hide the apps, but if you go to your library, you can still open them. Cult of Mac has a good article on setting up a focus mode.

@manton πŸ€”

@alexink I was worried I might think the screen was too big, but I love it

@cheesemaker it looks beautiful and relaxing.

@cheesemaker I feel your pain here in Massachusetts it feels like whoever controls the weather thinks it is March instead of June. It's grey, cloudy and cold. I doubt it will reach 60ΒΊ today.

@miljko @jean, @agilelisa I too think we need a recipe emoji and like the timer suggestion.

@mbkriegh 🀣 well something tells me it will remain a mystery

@odd That sounds like a good idea, but my husband is not the entrepreneur type. He has ideas but that is as far as it usually goes, maybe once he retires things will change.

@vincent It is a good day here currently drinking some ice cold water after a 24-minute walk in 80ΒΊ temperature. Going to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner, planning on having a Porterhouse medium rare.
Did laundry this morning. So yeah it's a good day here

@val @odd it was the front pants pocket and fortunately it did not melt fully so like you @val I had a squished piece of chocolate which I was able to eat.

@odd there is a small booklet that I haven’t read yet so maybe I may become a Scottish land baron πŸ˜„

@cliffordbeshers excuse me but everyone knows white clouds are made of cotton candy πŸ˜ƒ

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