Thoughts in My Head

2022 Books List

Cover for A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens

Cover for Ways and MeansWays and Means
by Roger Lowenstein

Cover for The End of CravingThe End of Craving
by Mark Schatzker

Cover for A Quiet Life in the CountryA Quiet Life in the Country
by T. E. Kinsey

Cover for Blood and TreasureBlood and Treasure
by Bob Drury

Cover for The Thursday Murder ClubThe Thursday Murder Club
by Richard Osman

Cover for Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?
by Mark Hyman M.D.

Cover for The Wars of the RosesThe Wars of the Roses
by Dan Jones

Cover for Clean(ish)Clean(ish)
by Gin Stephens

Cover for The IndispensablesThe Indispensables
by Patrick K. O'Donnell

Cover for The Great MortalityThe Great Mortality
by John Kelly

Cover for A Gentleman's MurderA Gentleman's Murder
by Christopher Huang

Cover for The Drillmaster of Valley ForgeThe Drillmaster of Valley Forge
by Paul Lockhart

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