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I Miss When the Wizard of Oz was Special

The Wizard of Oz was on TNT again a couple of nights ago and it made me sad, not the movie itself but the fact it is no longer special. I am a boomer and grew up in the 1960s and 70’s when there were no cable tv, VCRs, or DVDs. If you were lucky on a good day you might get five channels thru a roof antenna. The only time you could watch the Wizard of Oz was when it came on one of those five channels once a year. My memory says it was on a Sunday night around Easter time. We would gather around the TV to watch it. I would always sit near the door so I could run out of the room when the witch chased Dorothy around the castle, even back then I did not do well with scary scenes. Once the movie was over, that was it until the next year when the tradition would continue. Yes, it was frustrating that you couldn’t watch it again and again, but that is what made it special.

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