Currently reading: The Indispensables by Patrick K O’Donnell πŸ“š

We Have Not Changed

Currently finishing up The Great Mortality a book about the history of the Black Death. One of the things I learned while reading this book is despite what we may think, humans have not changed. Rumors, conspiracy theories, finding scapegoats and strange cures were rampant in 1347 and are rampant in 2022.

Finished reading: The Drill Master of Valley Forge by Paul Lockhart πŸ“š

Currently reading: The Return of a King by William Dalrymple πŸ“š

Finished reading: Germany Ascendant by Prit Buttar πŸ“š

I am currently reading the book Germany Ascendant by Prit Buttar which is a reminder that for most of us we are doing ok and life is not that bad compared to what those before us had to go thru.

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