Thoughts in My Head

Saturday morning coffee at Aero Coffee Roaster.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Waiting for Cappuccino at coffee shop

Journaling Time

Morning Walk to Wegman

Japanese Tea Cups

Good morning from my local coffee shop

Sunrise over Wilkes-Barre, Pa and View of the Valley

Milkweed at scenic overlook in Maryland

Family gathering

Getting ready for winter

“Friendly” game of Sequence with family. Drinking was involved.

I had a feast today at a Thai restaurant. It was spicy and most excellent.

Autumn in New England

Time for Morning Journal #pen-paper

Day in the Life photo, taken in Northborough, Ma at 14:49. Tonight’s Whiskey Choice.

Day in the Life taken in Northborough, Ma at 14:57. A Beginner’s Whiskey Shelf

Saturday walk to Grocery Store

Oatmeal Stout

Morning coffee ☕️

Visit from a Dragon Fly

Spent the morning wandering around the Northborough, Ma Apple Festival


Sumac by the walkway

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍