Waking up on an April Morning expecting the birds to be singing and the flowers blooming and you get this. That’s Life on the Great Lakes

Welcome to spring in the north Northeast along the Great Lakes.

Introducing Caddie and Bogey my brother’s pets. He found them while golfing one Saturday lying in an abandoned litter, sadly they were the only survivors . Bogey is a bit of a goof and definitely the dominant one. Caddie is a sweetheart and just wants some loving. Day 5 #pets

Watching YouTube videos while eating oatmeal cookies and drinking mushrooms coffee with milk equals **comfort * for me

The apartment complex plows the parking lot but doesn’t de-ice it which means you basically have a large ice rink. Going to the laundry room becomes quite the adventure, which I could do without.

As a way to torture her siblings my older sister sent a picture of the sticky buns she made. These sticky buns were a family tradition growing up at Christmas time. They are the best sticky buns ever, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Christmas Bears

There are a total of 6 bears. They only come out at Christmas. Some where once tree ornaments but I don’t have a tree anymore.

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