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My First Mac

My First Mac

The Fortieth Anniversary of Apple has been written and discussed exhaustively on tech podcasts and blogs. The one question that was asked on any Mac-centric podcast was, when did you get your first Mac?. This got me thinking about my history with the Mac. I got my first Mac around 2005 or 2006. It was a Mac Mini. Mac Mini March 2009.

I’m pretty sure it was the Intel version. I remember it came with a Tiger cd. I was coming from a beige Compaq PC running Windows XP. I remember it took a while for me to get used to the Mac way of doing things. Since then, I have only used a Windows machine at work.

SUPARS: Forgotten Building Blocks of Today's Search

The 1970s Librarians who revolutionized the challenge of search An interesting article about a forgotten building block of today’s search. Many of the concepts used in SUPARS(Syracuse University Psychological Abstract Retrieval Service) are still being used in the search engines of today

Goodbye Apollo

I woke up to the news that Apollo the Reddit third-party app will shut down at the end of June. I am sad but not surprised by this news, the writing was on the wall ever since Reddit decided to raise its API pricing. Using the Apollo was so superior to the Reddit app even as a casual user I am going to miss it.

First Mechanical Keyboard

I received my first mechanical keyboard today. A Keychron K2 Bluetooth Mechanical keyboard with Gateron Brown switches. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was how solid and heavy it was. I should have brought a wrist rest and will need to add that to my next order. This is my first mechanical keyboard, although it does remind me of the typewriters that I learned to type on back in the '70's. Currently I am typing this to my iPad pro. Switching it from the iPad to my Mac mini is a bit awkward but doable. After spending so much time typing on a cheap flat keyboard with membrane it is going to take some time to get used to typing on a mechanical keyboard. However, my initial review is positive. Also I have also started to watch videos on modding keyboard. I think I maybe entering a rabbit hole.

I have to admit I have never been good at tagging. I either feel like I am not using enough tags or too many. However I did find this article on how tagging has changed interesting. Thanks @jeremycherfas for posting it.

Does anyone know of a central website for shared iOs shortcuts. I have been messing around with them and do better if I have a outline and then make changes to fit my needs @rosemaryorchard

So base on my reading of this article we need to win the 5G race because it is a race and we need to win it. Why, who knows! [Wait, why the hell is the β€˜race to 5G’ even a race? - The Verge(

I use a combination of Together with Aperture for some of my feeds. The problem is I keep getting old articles in my feeds. Is anyone else having this problem?

Android Not Connecting to Wifi

Last week I started to notice that connecting to websites had gotten slow on my Google Pixel 2 phone and it kept getting worse over time. Finally, yesterday it would not connect at all. At the same time both my iPads connected normally. These are the steps I did in my attempt to get it reconnected. If you are having this problem I recommend reading all steps before proceeding

- Shut Wifi on the phone off and on
- Shut the phone off and on
- Forget Wifi-setting on phone
- Turn the router off and on 
- Factory Reset the phone
- Reset the router

None of the first five steps made a permanent difference. Resetting the router has worked and now my Pixel 2 is now connecting to the internet fine.

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