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Disconnecting Apps From Facebook

The news about Cambridge Analytics and Facebook that has come out in the last couple of days has me rethinking my use of Facebook. I am not ready to leave Facebook entirely because that is where my Family is and I do like participating in the various groups. However, I see no reason that my apps need to be connected to Facebook, especially when a third of them were apps I no longer use and another third of the apps no longer exist. First, if you just want to remove connection to some of your apps you have to do it app by app. Facebook does not give you the option to choose multiple apps at a time. You have to click on the app, then scroll down to the bottom, click disable app, then click on the little box in the text box and then hit remove the app. If you want to just remove all connections you can do it by going to Settings-Apps-Platform then hit disable to remove the connections. Of course, this is dependent on trusting that Facebook has actually done what it said it will do and lets be honest it is hard to trust Facebook on any level.

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