Thoughts in My Head

As someone who is discovering or should I say rediscovering the Indieweb I often find myself feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Where people are speaking a language where the words are familiar, but the meanings are not. I find myself doing something because it is what you do, without understanding why. I just went through that process with h-cards. I installed one on my About page on my account without being clear on why I was doing it. It took until the end of the process when I finally understood what h-cards are for. What helped me was to think about my website as a piece of land on the internet and the h-card as a signpost, which can be read by both humans and machines, saying this land is mine, this is who I am and how you can contact me. Please let me know if my definition of h-cards is wrong. I realize it is a my first dictionary type definition but that is where I am on my journey on the indieweb.

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