Thoughts in My Head


Just finnished reading two articles on the power of the mob in today’s digital world, one by Wil Wheaton and other about the problem of moderating a federated system by Nolan Lawson. Sadly the biggest problem with social media, whether it is federated or not is that people are involve. People who participate in mobs in the real world have to deal with the consequences of their actions; being arrested, dealing with neighbors in the aftermath. In the digital world there is often no consequences to the indivuals in a mob, they are shadow voices spewing their hate and anger. Often it is easier for moderators to handle the problem by dealing with the victim than by trying to deal with the mob. After all it is easier to deal with one visible person than 100 invisible voices. Clear community standards and a strong community base is the best bulwark against mob activity. However maintaining strong standards is difficult over time. Any breach and those standards can quickly fall

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