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I Missed My Apple Watch

Last October I picked up a Google Pixel 2and got rid of my iPhone. Over the past year I have for the most part enjoyed the Android experience. However the one thing that I missed was my Apple watch. I did look into Android Wear watches but most were either ugly, too expensive or did not do what I wanted. When the new iPhone was announced I knew that I could not justify getting a new iPhone when my Pixel was less than a year old, but I was still missing the Apple Watch. Currently my plan is to go back to the iPhone and pick up a new Apple Watch next September, so I was looking for something that was not too expensive and would hold me over until then. Obviously the iPhone X was out. I looked at the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but at the price I would pay for them I might as well get the iPhone Xr. This left the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. I ended up getting an iPhone 7 from Gazelle for $373 including tax.

It arrived yesterday and the first two things I noticed was how slippery it is and how small the iPhone 7 is. In this case being small is a good thing, since the Pixel will remain my main phone. In fact currently my plan is to have the iPhone be Wifi only so I don’t have to pay for another line. Currently I am happy with my decision.

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