Thoughts in My Head

Updating my reading list from 2018 using Indie Book Club. I had a couple to add from earlier in the year. The book that I found most interesting in 2018 was the Grant book by Ron Chernow, it was also by far the longest book at over 1,000 pages. The book that I had the most fun reading was the Golem and the Jinni. The book that is doing the most to change my life was the Genius Food by Paul Grewal and Max Lugavere. The book that disappointed me the most was Surrender, New York by Cash Carr which I could not even force myself to finish. It was disappointing because I really liked his previous books, but this one was like slogging thru a swamp to a place you did not want to go. The two books that made me the most angry were Radium Girls by Kate Moore and Nomadland by Jessica Bruder.

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