Thoughts in My Head

How to Live Life

Found this while going thru some of my mother’s papers. Thought it was pretty cool

“Life is a game- learn the rules-then work and play as you are able- just for fun. Set your standards high -live up to them. Strive for perfection. There is nothing within reason you can not. Many things beyond reasons you can do. Accept each problem with eagerness and pleasure. There is always an answer to every problem, maybe more than one. It’s up to you to pick the best solution. Think and learn all you can. Arrange your beliefs firmly, cast aside trivia get to the bare facts that count-look hard and decide and know. Never turn your back on your beliefs. Bend if you must but never waiver or break. Stand up for your belief quietly till you win or lose. If you lose believe still- store away that belief, not as a fester, but as a precious gem-for tomorrow. Learn from each defeat. Grow with each success and each defeat.
Face your fears and uncertainties always-never let them overcome you. Find your island of peace within yourself-be content within. Happiness is within you, not over the next hill or in the next year. Enjoy everything - your striving - your problems - people - things. Live each day to the full.“-Jean Henderson Losey 1968

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