Thoughts in My Head

An Important Step

My husband and I watch a video usually from Prime Video or Netflix while eating supper each night. So last night I picked up the TV remote and changed the source to Roku and picked up the Roku remote and hit the home button, nothing. Hit the home button again still nothing. Moved closer to the TV and hit the home button still nothing. Sigh and then pull the power from the Roku and plug it back in still nothing. Looking back the fact that nothing happened then should have been a clue. But at the time I ignored the clue completely. At that point I gave up and used the Netflix app on the TV. About three hours later as I was going to bed the light bulb went off in my head, was the Roku plugged in. I checked this morning and sure enough my husband had unplugged the Roku. Lesson learned check to see if the electronic item is plugged in before going to step 2

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