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Spring Cleaning

It is April and it is starting to get warmer, which means the birds are returning and buds are just starting to show up on the trees. Personally though spring means spring cleaning. This weekend I reorganized my bedroom/office by getting rid of some books and moving things around. I also went thru my spring clothes and threw things away things that had holes in them or were worn out. Finally yesterday I took apart an old office chair that I was keeping because… and started to throw it away. The office chair was my biggest win, because I have kept it for years despite the fact I didn’t like it and avoided using it, so it was just taking up room and getting in the way. I moved my Mac mini and monitor to the top of a bookcase, which is a perfect location for a standing desk. I have another desk I sit down at to work on my iPad and write at. Do you get the itch to reorganize and clean when spring comes?

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