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I liked Neelix

I just finished watching all seven seasons of Star Trek Voyager, using the episode list recommended by @macgenie. I really enjoyed the series and proof of this is there were several nights when I had to tell my self to go to bed, that the show would be there tomorrow. A couple of general thoughts on the series. The first it took awhile for the characters to find themselves and their place, I think this was especially true of Janeway. Second my favorite episodes tended to be ones with a moral question involved. Third I found the final episode disappointing especially the end, which seemed very abrupt. My least favorite character overall was Tom Paris. I liked the Doctor as a character but I thought he was over used at times. Finally I liked Neelix and actually had tears in my eyes when he departed the ship in the Homestead. Below are my eleven favorite episodes in no particular order.

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