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Helping Apples Bottom Line

Ok I have finished doing my part to help with Apple’s bottom line. I have been using the Google Pixel the past year, it is a good phone and there is nothing wrong with it and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the Windows world or uses a Chromebook as their main computer. However I have a Mac Mini and an iPad, which made the Google Pixel feel like a third wheel. Plus I know this sounds silly to some people, but I really missed using my Apple Watch. So I decided to go back to an iphone. After deciding that the iPhone Pro was not within my budget. I took a look at the iPhone 11, but I really did not like any of the colors. Because I use a clear case the color would bother me the whole time I had the phone. This left the iPhone XR with its bright colors which I ended up purchasing in bright canary yellow. As I said early I really liked my Apple Watch, but the one I own is a series 2, which I needed to update. I purchased a 40” series 5 Apple Watch with an Alaskan Blue Sports Loop. The iPhone XR will arrive sometime this week and the watch between the 3rd and 7th of October I can’t wait to get both of them.

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