Thoughts in My Head

2019 Audible Book List and Some Thoughts

  • The Women in White by W. Collins
  • The Iron Kingdom-The Rise and Downfall of Prussia by Christopher Clark
  • Byzantium by Stephen R Lawhead
  • What When Wine by Melanie Avalon
  • A Boy His Dog at the End of the World
  • Collision of Empire by Prit Buttar
  • The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jimmy Moore and Dr Jason Fung
  • The Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting by Kayla Cox
  • Stoicism Collections by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus — There were a few books that I started but did not finish the first was Under the Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles. I did not enjoy the book because I found the characters annoying and not at all likable, so I stopped reading it. The other book I started but did not finish was Sundown Town a Hidden Dimension by Norman Dietz. I did find the book interesting and very informative, however I was in a rather stressful move when I started to read it and quickly decided the timing was bad a book that made me think. It got put back on the shelf, to be finished at a later time. Altogether I have listen to appoximately 140 hours on Audible. I do not have a specific reading goal for 2020, since the number of books I read is dependent on the length of the individual books.
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