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Savory Oatmeal

Lately I have been exploring the world of savory oatmeal recipes, because I like oatmeal but I was tired of the normal breakfast version. This morning I had it with clams. The clams were from the frozen section of the grocery store in the store I go to they are the Wholey brand with a garlic sauce. I cooked the clams seperate from the oatmeal. Once the clams had open I started to remove them from their shells and putting them in a bowl. While I was cooking the clams I was also cooking the oatmeal following the directions on the package. I used steel cut oatmeal, but this would work just a well with old fashion oats. When the oatmeal was almost done I added the clams, clam broth, a teaspon of sambal sauce and a dash of soy sauce. I really enjoyed it and would recommend trying it.

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