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A Review of the Podcast App Snipd

I have been trying out the podcast app Snipd for the past couple of months. It is available on both ios and Android. What makes it different from most podcast apps is that it allows you to snip portions of the podcast you are listening to and then share them with various apps including Readwise, Obsidian, Notion, and Bear. It will produce a transcript of most episodes if you request one. This is the main reason I use and like Snipd.

There are a couple of things about Snipd that I don’t like. The first is on the iPhone you have to go out of the app to the lock screen to change the audio output. I also wish there was a way to limit episodes of all podcasts to a certain time period whether they are played or not.

I must admit because of the above reasons, I have a love-hate relationship with Snipd.

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