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Spoke Design Roady Curacao Model 2 Review

Today I received the Roady Curacao Model 2 from Spoke Design. It is a ballpoint pen. The cap and barrel are made of anodized aluminum, and the grip has ridges and is made of bright titanium.

This pen is made to post, and there is a magnet at the cap’s end, making that easy and secure. It uses any Parker-style refill. It is shipped with a premium Uni Jetstream SXR-600-07 Black 0.7mm refill. I have only briefly been writing with the Roady Curacao Model, but I am already in love with it. It feels balanced and well-made in my hand. I love how smoothly it writes. Some people would say paying $60.00 for a ballpoint pen is ridiculous when you can get a whole pack of Bic pens for around $7.00. This is true; the difference is that twenty years from now, I could pick up the Roady Curacao Model 2 I received today and write with it. The Bic pen would be dust by then. If I can keep from losing it, this pen will be in my rotation for a long time.

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