Introducing Caddie and Bogey my brother’s pets. He found them while golfing one Saturday lying in an abandoned litter, sadly they were the only survivors . Bogey is a bit of a goof and definitely the dominant one. Caddie is a sweetheart and just wants some loving. Day 5 #pets

Our car 🚘 broke down so I just scheduled my husband his first Lyft ride for tomorrow morning. He is a bit of a Luddite,so I hope 🤞 everything goes well and the ride comes as schedule.

Watching YouTube videos while eating oatmeal cookies and drinking mushrooms coffee with milk equals **comfort * for me

I have been using Castro as my podcast app of choice for awhile now and for the most part I am happy with it. However today it has decided to stop playing between podcast, instead of just continuing on to the next podcast. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

It is now the second week of below freezing weather 19º-28º here and I am over it. Normally at the end of February I would be flying down to Arizona to visit my sisters, but nope not this year. This year because there is a pandemic I get to stay up here in Northern PA freezing.

Finished reading: The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson 📚

I was dreaming this morning that I was sticking my foot in a cool running stream. The I woke up and realized my sock was wet. I had not tighten the top of my hot water bottle and it had leaked, the dream had become a nightmare.

Skin Wars

Do you have a show that you watch, that the critic inside you is telling you is a complete waste of time but you can’t stop watching it. Well Skin Warsit is that show for me right now. I binged watched season 3 over the weekend and now I want to watch season 1 and 2. The artistry of some of the contestants is amazing. I also love to watch the growth of the contestants who are willing to listen to the criticism of the judges.

The apartment complex plows the parking lot but doesn’t de-ice it which means you basically have a large ice rink. Going to the laundry room becomes quite the adventure, which I could do without.

A Book Recommendation

I am currently reading The Warmth of Other Suns, which tells the story of the African Americans migration north in the first three quarters of the 20th century. It weaves the story of three of those migrants along with historical events. The latest historical events that I can’t get out of my mind is the story of Harry and Harriet Moore. Who were killed by the Klan when a bomb was placed under their house on the joist directly below their bed on Christmas Eve 1951. No one has ever been convicted or even tried for the bombing. Unfortunately, events like this one were not isolated, they occurred much too frequently, mostly to black men and women whose names have long been forgotten or never known to most Americans. Even though I am not through with the book I would highly recommend it.

I have lost the remote control for my Apple TV. If anyone sees it let me know 🤣

As much as I would like to see Trump thrown out of the White House on his behind. I do think this talk of impeachment is a bit of grand standing. It’s not going to happen and it just adds fuel to the fire. In 14 days just let him slink off into the sunset, like the snake he is


After the events of yesterday in Washington D.C. I found this article The Lord of the Rings faithfully adapted Tolkien’s unrelenting belief in hope helpful to read, especially it’s beginning paragraph “Stripped down to its basic themes, The Lord of the Rings is a guide to keeping hope in the face of hopelessness. More than that, it’s a dictum: Hope doesn’t just keep us going in hard times — it gets us out of them. It was a maxim that J.R.R. Tolkien, a pessimist in a cohort of pessimists, lived throughout his life. “ Because despite all that has happened in the past year I still have hope for this nation’s future.

Today I would like to praise the gracious loser. The man or woman who accepts their loss with grace and dignity. Who even if the decision that goes against them seems unfair, they accept it with their head held high.

My husband got a call from a job recruiter this afternoon and the job he thought was going to start next Monday, starts tomorrow. Hopefully this is a good sign for 2021, fingers crossed.