What I listen to Today

Feb 14, 2019

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Today I Listened to

Feb 13, 2019

What stood out

The biggest thing that stood out was Myke Hurley and Shahid Kamal Ahmad’s discussion of the Six Stages of a big project. on Remaster 73: Delays

Which are - 1 Enthusiasm , - 2 Disillusionment, - 3 Panic and hysteria , - 4 Hunt for the guilty , - 5 Punishment of the innocent , and - 6 Reward for the uninvolved.

I think every failed project I have been apart of and even some successful ones go through these six stages.


What I Listened to Today

Feb 12, 2019

9/2/2019 #kumquats#kumquats

Today I Listened to

Feb 7, 2019

I have ramped up my intermittent fasting journey starting today to a 16-8 schedule. In order to learn as much as I can about intermittent fasting I have been binged listening to podcasts about it. I have already learned several things. The first is I am going to have to learn to drink coffee black. The second is I may need to adjust my feed/fasting widows to find what is best for me. Finally, when you hit a plateau you are still making progress it just maybe in ways other then on the scale.

Listening to the Father Roderick podcast I learned about sacramentals and their meanings. For Catholics they are a way to open yourself up to God.