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49933722 161703691462703 7886327474234628585 n Jan 14, 2019 #desk Jan 14, 2019 Drinking some Dead Guy Ale Rogue and watching the Patriots and Chargers go at it. Jan 13, 2019 A lot of offensive fireworks so far, especially on the Patriots I am going to be testing for awhile. Jan 13, 2019 2019-01-13 12:33 Trails To Tsukiji on Create TV is the perfect Sunday morning show. Relaxing yet informative at the same time. Today’s show was all about Konyaku, also known as wild yam and its many uses Jan 13, 2019 Hello world! This is my first indieweb post. Published 2019-01-15 19:49:02+0000 Red Sox Fan with a Problem Aug 8, 2018 I am a Red Sox’s fan and I have a problem. What problem you ask, your team is in first place by nine games. They just swept the hated Yankees. Both 0ce5eb60 71fe 450b 9505 2e6a76fdaf28 Aug 2, 2018 great webmention article Aug 1, 2018 18 55 11 Aug 1, 2018 ten albums in ten days Jul 30, 2018 Breakfast for July 25 Jul 25, 2018 Today for breakfast I had cauliflower rice mixed with a little jasmine rice with two eggs mixed in and four pieces of bacon. untitled Jul 24, 2018 We are on the start of tomato season here. Jul 24, 2018 I love tomato season. Tomatoes fresh from a garden are the best. Unfortunately none will be as good as my I had some spicy honey mustard wings, some jerk wings, a beer and some pretzel bites for dinner last night. Jul 19, 2018 Woke up this morning with my stomach not Did you ever feel like you are never finish testing Jul 11, 2018 I made the mistake last night of drinking a cold carbonated beverage with ice after six PM and I was up half the night. Jun 29, 2018 The shock when you realize that only six croutons is a serving Jun 26, 2018 Realizing I am missing not having kimichi this week. Jun 26, 2018 What do you do when you realize that your favorite food or snack is messing with your stomach. Apr 23, 2018 I really like popcorn. However, if I eat popcorn Is It All in My Head Apr 12, 2018 I noticed something this weekend, especially on Sunday. What I noticed was that when when I ate food which is high in carbs and sugar, I crave more Next page